A Friend of God


Are you a friend of a God or do you want to be a friend of God just like Abraham? Abraham was called a friend of God in Isaiah 41 verse 8 because of his faith in God. He craved for friendship and love, he obeyed him, obeyed every instruction that was given to him by God. He believed in God and trusted that he would never put him to shame or hand him over to his enemies. He understood his God, he knew that the first thing with God is to obey him. To do what he tells you to do. He believed that when he trusts his God he will be blessed. Blessed spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally. So therefore he trusts his God. He obeyed him and because of that faith in God, Abraham became a friend of God. You know, today we have what we call a friend list like on Facebook, they are people that we trust, that we have absolute confidence in, that we know we can tell our inner most secrets to and they will keep it and help us. People that will not judge us, that will give us the opportunity to do what’s right. Today is your day, now is the time, if you had trust in God before but because of situations you lost that confidence in God, I encourage you today to trust him again because he is the only friend that will see you through. He is the only friend that will be by you, that will tell you the honest truth, and will give you the opportunity to choose and do what is right. He will not neglect you or cast you aside when you do wrong, instead he will wait for you to turn around and obey his word. May the Lord bless you, may the Lord bless your family, may the Lord bless every word that you have had today and may these words be a blessing in your life. Amen

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