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Christian community deliverance ministry was started in 1974 by Gabriel Warranton and Druscilla Bertha Warrington after their education (they studied providing education as well as Theology) in America they came back home and started the church. A couple of years later their goal was to spread the gospel all over Sierra Leone and bring the saved to Christ. Increasing Adult and Child literacy through education. Their goal was to open churches and schools in provinces as well as aid existing foundations already in place. with affirmation from the state, and affiliation with United Gospel Crusade, they were able to move that church forward in spreading the gospel even more
Presently it is under the supervision of Pastor Sam Kamara and Reverend Bintu Kamara who are the Senior Pastors for the Church.  The bible school goes for two years. Elder Benjiis responsible for the music and is part of the Men of Valor organization. Mother Vicki is responsible for the women and part of the community for the church.
Spreading Gospel wherever they could their original goal was to eventually have a building of their own. This dream has finally started to come to fruition, in October of 2017 construction began, piece by piece. This year the first floor of construction has been completed! Construction is still under way and by the Grace of God it shall be finished.
Our main goal is to finish the Church and the other goal is to create a radio station so we can present more teachings that spread to a wider audience. The radio is very necessary for them to spread the Gospel and educate.
Our  main organization in Freetown goes out and works with the evangelists, to bring adults back to Christ in the Church and to teach them about following the instructions of God. These teachings are mainly focused in the Tora, the first five books of the Bible, from Genesis to Deuteronomy. We follow the lifestyle of Jesus Christ, in that Christ taught, preached, healed, and fed the poor. Therefore our focus is not only to spread the word of God but to REACH OUT and HELP people. To be a blessing in their lives. A group of men we recruit are called the Men of Valor, they are very active in their community with teaching and helping and they are going to be starting an adult literacy class for all. The group of women we have are called the Virtuous Women. Some of these women are still illiterate and are working with the Men of Valor to acquire a great education. Whether they are literate or not they still work with our community, with our children too, and getting them to know God, study the Bible. The important thing is not only to study the bible but to be active in doing the things God wants us to do, we will be blessed. They do a lot of activities with the Children of all ages including a class for entrepenuers, to teach them how to run a proper business. We are trying to find people who will sponsor them so they can get educated and one day in the future work for themselves to  create a self sufficient as well as blessed life style. People who have recovered or received aid bless the church as well as God has blessed them.

Pictures from our Freetown branch

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They started one of their schools in Hastings in 1980. named Kelly’s Vocation and Agricultural school because the focus was for kids on the street who dropped out. Many kids dropped out due to their families not having any money or the time to care for them. Some of these kids have parents who are illiterate which proves a very difficult obstacle to bringing income to the house. With these dropout kids we’ve created a foundation for them to attend school, free of charge, including providing lunch and some of them were given shoes and clothes as well as other necessary materials for acquiring a valuable education.
The Pastor in charge for the church in Hastings is reverend Christiana Ayo-Speck. This church was just recently added in 2017.

Pictures from our Hastings Branch

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Kelly’s school was named after a missionary  in Philadelphia who was very helpful to the founders Gabriel and Druscilla Bertha Warrington when they first went back to Africa. Kelly would send them books and materials as well as financial help sometimes. Kelly’s school started by taking care of drop out students. Now it has 700 students and counting. Including 400 at the middle school level and 300 in the high school. Their focus with the students are going way beyond agricultural and vocational. Students want to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, and other various occupations. The school is not equipped to accommodate these life goals however right now we are on the verge of getting a computer lab. We are asking for help to acquire a science lab and art lab. The art lab is important for those who want to write and draw etc. The school itself is a site for external examination, we are looking for more benches, as well as actual buildings. In the past the school was run in two shifts, but now the government wants the schools to run on one shift. Our main goal is to establish an activity hall that will include multiple useful teaching tools. Including a science lab, library, theatre for acting and the arts, and other rooms to expand the students knowledge.  We want to move into the 21st century because we want these kids to have the resources at their fingertips. They won’t have to risk their lives coming to America to learn about the world, they can be in their hometown and receive a quality education. Hallelujah


We started this when we saw the needs especially for the girls. We have ten girls right now that have lost their parents to ebola and war. There are bad people out there in the streets taking advantage of them. Some of them have become pregnant because they have no where else to go and they have to stay with these men so what we are doing are bringing these children that have lost their parents into the home to teach them and guide them. It has been a blessing. We would like to expand for these kids but we need more resources. Resources such as water, more space (including additional buildings, bathrooms, kitchens, and a main hall so they will be able to function well. Some of these kids want to go to college.

A very important part of helping these orphans are the sponsors. We are looking for people to sponsor a child. You can sponsor a child individually. For $650 a year it includes nutrition, uniforms, books, food, and other various expenses that come into play. Once they go to college our plan is to still let them be part of the school. In other words they will turn into a Big Sister, to help when they have time.

Our sponsors we would like to thank for already helping out so much are Mr and Mrs. Silvanos Davis. Ms. Daphne Lewis. We are looking for more sponsors to get these girls off the streets to become beautiful and powerful  women in their community.


DB Warrington Kindergarten, we have these beautiful young children, some of whom are from the orphanage. They get to come to the Kindergarten school for free. We have up to 21 now. For those who can pay and are not orphans we let their parents pay what they can afford in order to nurture and bring these kids up to the 21st century. We need help in getting a play are for these young children as well as books, crayons, pencils, and other useful tools for the students.

Pictures from our Kindergarten

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